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What Today’s Efforts Will Bring Tomorrow

At Northern Lights Home Inspections, we believe that a home should be a source of inspiration—a place where you feel safe and comfortable enough to be able to focus fully on the areas of your life that make you happiest. That’s why we offer a dependable home inspection that helps home-buyers invest with confidence, providing the knowledge it takes to feel assured and secure in this transformative decision you’re about to make. A home is one of life’s biggest and most important investments, and we’ll put in the work to ensure that your efforts to buy a great home lead you into a future where your family is able to thrive.

Prioritizing Your Health and Home

Home Inspection With Certified Professional Inspector Chris Melton


Our attention to detail is second to none, and you can expect us to get right down to business—investigating every readily accessible square foot of your prospective home so that we can present you with a truly thorough and accurate representation of the property’s condition.

Radon Testing Home Inspection


One measure we take to go above and beyond for your safety is offering comprehensive Radon Testing as an additional service—evaluating the home environment for the presence of invisible and odorless radon gas that can compromise the health of exposed individuals if mitigation protocols are not taken. Results will be available immediately after the test and provide hour-by-hour measurement results of the radon levels.

Home Inspection With Certified Professional Inspector Chris Melton


Nothing is more important than your health, and that’s always first in mind when it’s time for us to get to work—and you can rely on us to put forth every ounce of effort it takes to ensure that your future home will be safe for your family.

Homegauge CRL Digital Home Inspection Report

Video Included

With Every Inspection Report

In less than 24 hours after completing your home inspection, we’ll have an easy-to-read and highly detailed inspection report delivered directly to your email address. Once you open the document, you’ll be amazed with how quickly you’ll start learning about the home’s condition thanks to our straightforward descriptions, high-resolution photographs, and video clips that we include with every report. To make your experience even more beneficial, we’ll also include free access to the incredible Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

Homegauge CRL Digital Home Inspection Report

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

  • The user-friendly CRL™ interface allows you to make a digital project and repair request list directly from your inspection findings, and the whole process can be completed in just minutes
  • Here’s what you do: for any defective component we’ve summarized in your inspection report, click the button that says “Add to Request List”—this will then bring up a menu with the options to request repair, reimbursement, or replacement of that component
  • Whether you’re using a tablet, mobile phone, or personal computer, you’ll be able to access your request list anytime, anywhere as long as an internet connection is available

HomeGauge’s Extra Care Service

It doesn’t stop there! We also enroll in HomeGauge’s Extra Care Service, making it possible for our clients to request and receive a full insurance quote using the information from their inspection reports. Best of all, all you have to do is request the quote—and we’ll do the rest!

Proudly Serving the Twin Cities

We’re excited to offer first-rate home inspection services to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area.


At Northern Lights Home Inspections, we know what a great real estate investment can do for families, and our investigative home inspections are designed to help you make the absolute most of your home-buying experience—guiding you in the direction of an investment you’ll be able to love without looking back. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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